Nicodemus Gets Schooled

Nicodemus Gets Schooled

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Jesus was less than considerate towards Pharisees. He hated their pious external appearances so whenever he spake with them, he was sharp and critical in a holy way.

So when Nicodemus decided to approach him in that same spirit of piousness, Jesus set him straight but subtly. Why subtly? I believe because he knew that Nicodemus was on his way to accepting Christ as Saviour, and just needed some direction to do so.

Nicodemus knew the law and the Old Testament, but his pride caused him to interpret the scriptures away from God when in fact, those same scriptures pointed directly to the Messiah. Funny how we can distort God’s viewpoint when ours is tainted with sin.

In the last lesson, we showed how God used the brass serpent and the virgin nativity of Christ to setup an argument in Nicodemus’s mind, that later was played out when Nicodemus donated over a $1Mil worth of myrh to the burial process of our Lord, in partnership with Joseph of Arimathea.  (Unfortunately, I did not start recording these lessons until this one.)

We do recap it a bit here and then continue showing how the Lord was using Nicodemus’s knowledge of the Old Testament to convince him of his need for Christ and his own personal shortcomings in righteousness.

Also in the previous lesson, we discussed the stark difference between the condemned and those who are not condemned. We see how condemnation ties back to the garden of Eden and that only ‘through Him,” Jesus Christ, can we know life eternal.

The verses used in that lesson are John 3:16-18, with next week’s lesson rounding out the teaching through verse 21.

So, Nicodemus comes to Jesus by night and arrogantly approaches Him but Jesus uses the knowledge He knows Nicodemus has of the law to show him where He needs Christ.

This is Part 3 of that 3 part series that didn’t get recorded but I hope this will be a blessing and let me know if you’d like the full teaching repeated.


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