We have 4 weekly opportunities to fellowship & be nurtured through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Sunday School, 9:45 am

Sunday School is where we teach through the Bible’s exciting stories, doctrines, and promises.

Sunday Morning Service, 11:00 am

Sunday morning preaching is aimed at exhorting, encouraging and inspiring our members.

Sunday Evening Service, 6:00 pm

Through expository chapter by chapter preaching, our Pastor takes us through the entire Bible to nurture us with the whole counsel of God.

Wednesday Evening Service, 6:00 pm

Our midweek service emphasizes service, designed to practically apply  God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to produce peace, joy, freedom and success in all you do.

To get started, we’d like to invite you to visit a Sunday morning service.


Hello and welcome to our church website, I hope you’re finding what you came here for.

As Pastor, God has entrusted me to Feed His Sheep.  That’s a responsibility I do not take lightly.

God’s presence in my own life has yielded miraculous results, the likes of which were never expected or deserved.  But praise the Lord, His plan is better than mine!

There’s a rewarding life available in Christ, but it requires us to take the first step. And we won’t let you take it alone.

I’ve answered a call to let God speak His truths to you through Spirit-filled teaching and preaching.  Our congregation believes if we are filled with knowledge but not love, then we are missing the point.  I couldn’t agree more!

More than ever we are privy to victorious living, as God intended it when He sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins.  

If you can take the first step of admitting you’re a sinner in need of a Saviour, I assure you, God has already taken the rest of the steps for you to live with purpose and power now, tomorrow and into eternity.

I look forward to meeting you, sharing a hug and welcoming you into the family of God!


General Information

We subscribe to a unique but effective approach in doing the work of God through our church.  We do it in the power of the Holy Spirit!

I know, that can sound a bit cliche but when’s the last time you can say you visited a Spirit-filled church that left you wanting more?

This mission statement is bathed in prayer daily to ensure we do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. 

Visit just once, and see what God has in store for you.

Faith Common Questions

Q: Are you going to pressure me and my family to serve, attend, tithe and maintain a dress-code?

A: I guess if we didn’t believe God is capable of conforming each Christian into the vessel He’s chosen them to be, we’d need to do something else. We believe God should be allowed to have his perfect way in each person, as they grow in Christ through benevolent fellowship with other saints, and the preaching of His Word.

Q: I’ve really messed up my life, can God really accept me and give me a new life in Christ?

A: Yes! This is what drives us to serve at the highest levels we possibly can.  We know His power can break through any barriers we’ve put on ourselves, and we know His resurrection and baptism are customized for each individual that believes.  

Q: I like how I live, and being subjected to a bunch of rules doesn’t sound like it will yield a better life.

A: Amen to that!  You are right.  God came to this world in the flesh to abolish the law.  We live by grace, and grace alone.  Consider the law (those rules you mentioned) to be a sharp corner that you constantly hit your head on and cut yourself with.  And then think about what it would be like if you put a soft padding on that sharp corner.  It would almost feel good to bounce your head off of it.  That’s what the Grace of God is like, and through His matchless grace, we find a peace that passeth understanding.  There’s nothing like it!

Should I be Baptized?

Boy-howdy you should! But first you need to accept Jesus as your personal Saviour.  He paid the price for your sins, not Flipper.  Water won’t save you, baptism is simply a picture of what God has done for you in defeating death and sin through the resurrection of His Son.

Think of a wedding ring on a finger. Does wearing one make you married with all the rights and privileges of a married couple?  No way. It does nothing more than show off that you are spoken for by none other than a man or woman you are more fond of than any other human being on the planet.  That’s how baptism works.

Ephesians 2:8-9, For by grace are ye saved through faith…

What do I do when I Get There?

Praise the Lord you’ve navigated this far on our site.  It’s likely you’ve been led here by the Holy Spirit of God, and it means we may get to meet you soon!

Imagine walking into heaven for the first time. What would you do then?  I know what I’m going to do… I’m going to be hoping that someone, namely Jesus himself, meets me at the gate and embraces me in love to make me feel comfortable and welcomed.

In other words, there is nothing for you to concern yourself with as you enter the house of God on Tyee street in Okanogan because receiving you is our job.  And we consider it a privilege, knowing that you are being drawn in by the very same Lord we we are all being compelled by.


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Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit us! You’ll find a list of commonly asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at (001) 123-4456

How do I get there?

You can find our location on the map.

Where should I park?

If you’re attending the main campus, you can enter onto our “ring road” from New York. From there, our parking team will escort you to the closest available parking spot. We also offer parking trams if you need to park far away, or have a special need.

What should I wear?

Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up; some dressed casual. We have no expectations for attire.


Sundays at 9:30 and 11:00 Worship Center
8:15am Pastor’s Class Church Hall


New York
12345 North Central Expy
New York, NY 54321


Everybody won’t see it, everybody won’t join you, everybody won’t have the vision. People who are running toward their dreams, life has a special kind of meaning for them.