Compass Productions KICKOFF EVENT

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The drama team at Faith Missionary Baptist Church is forming now, for production throughout the summer, and we are launching with a Kickoff Event. But this isn't JUST drama!

We are all living in a digital age where immersive entertainment is dominating our every waking minute, which means it's important we provide opportunities for our community to engage truth in a more comprehensive way. 

Compass Productions is a unique approach that combines theater, digital production, sound, music, online promotion and more to offer its participants an opportunity to experience multiple facets of experiential media while spreading the gospel and encouraging lives with positive and moral messaging. 

So many people have a narrow view of church and think it's only meant for the "religious." Nothing could be further from the truth. Church is meant for people. Period. And people have an expressive nature that begs to be nurtured. 

That's what COMPASS Productions is all about. Whether you are part of the show on the set, backstage, behind a camera, in the editing room or on the web, you are contributing to an encouraging environment that has the potential to change lives. 

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy being a part of, then we're inviting you to join us for our opening event, June 27 at 6 pm at Faith Missionary Baptist Church on the corner of Tyee and 4th Street South, in Okanogan. 

At this event you will discover:

1.) The type of fun and engaging performances we'll be presenting.

2.) How many shows we will perform and where.

3.) The various positions and opportunities.

4.) The people you will be working with.

5.) The impact your contribution will have both in our Okanogan community, and beyond.

Participation Age Restrictions:

Acting - 10 years and older

Backstage - 14 years and older

Prop Construction -  18 years and older

Digital Sound & Video Equipment - 14 years and older 

If you would like to pre-register, then simply Click This Link and fill out the form.

Pre-registered attendees will receive the following benefits:

1.) Access to our COMPASS Productions Membership Site (once it's launched) where we maintain a collection of tools, education resources and more to teach each area of production.

2.) Immediate access to our xl7lx Performance Program (once it's launched) which is an email training on how to balance and synthesize the 7 Arena's of Human Experience. This training gives you a simple approach to living in a way that aligns you with your highest potential, helping to combat fears such as stage-fright and confidence issues.

3.) VIP seating at the event as there will be a special presentation where we will reserve the front row(s) for you.​​

4.) Priority Casting Call Reservation You will be placed at the head of the line (in order of registration) to go through our the "Casting Carnival" we will set up on that night to showcase the various opportunities available such as Directing, Producing, Acting, Equipment, Backstage, Props, Web Development, Social Media, PR and more.

5.) VIP Name Tag for this event, offering first in line privileges at the snack table and you wont have to wait in line to go through registration process.

You will be able to register with COMPASS Productions throughout the summer, but the sooner you are registered, the sooner you'll be slotted into the production calendar. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your place within this exciting opportunity.